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  • Hi all,
    Has anyone taken a full-size up the back way to Crown King? I've been up there with my Ramcharger before but that was in 2001. I've got a 97 Yukon right now and want to try it out on the trail but will need a couple of vehicles to go with. Here are a few photos on Box Canyon last weekend.
    3 weeks ago
    Robert We have a '93 Suburban we'd like to take out on her 1st run, it'd be great to go out with another full sized and others as well
    2 weeks ago Edit · Remove
  • Joe Taitingfong shared a photo in the Joe Taitingfong's Photos album
    Sorry, I don't know how to attach all photos to one post.
    3 weeks ago
  • Hello everyone, i am new to off-roading mainly cause I never had a suitable vehicle, now that I do, it seemed like a good idea to get more involved with others, me and my girlfriend have an 87 s10 blazer, mostly stock but slowly upgrading as we go, I don't really know where any trials are in az, I live in phoenix so I don't know where to go to find legal trails instead of canals lol
    2 months ago
  • well shoot I thought I'd be wheeling by now. Life sucks sometimes. Please tell me you are still exploring trails? Any new trails open?
    5 months ago
  • Sam Evans uploaded a new avatar.
    6 months ago
  • Going somewhere out North of Phoenix later this evening with one of my best friends. Going to have some drinks : ) and then camp out until the morning. Not sure where exactly yet, but will most likely be Table Mesa, Bloody Basin, Crown King, somewhere up there.. Anyways, I doubt anyone will see this by this evening when we take off, but in case you do and would like to meet up, here it is...
    7 months ago

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